Alex Kingcott featured on IgniteYYC’s #403

Alex Kingcott featured on IgniteYYC’s #403

Check out the other radical local entrepreneurs featured on their website here. What a lovely honour to be featured alongside these grown ups and a treat to talk about the West Wing, Broadway, and manatees with the cool people behind IgniteYYC.

These videos are cool and all, but here’s the real goods – the IgniteYYC team are producing an event in September that will support one of my favourite charities in Calgary, the Cinderella Project: 2nd Annual Fashion Show Fundraiser, September 23 at Commonwealth Bar & Stage.


The Cinderella Project supports young women who are financially challenged as they approach high school graduation by outfitting them with all the necessary components of a¬†successful, memorable prom – the dress, the shoes, the hair, the makeup – all of it. For many young women, attending grad is not an option due to the expenses and support required. We know that without that final motivation, many felt discouraged from finishing their education. I’ve been involved with the Cinderella Project for many, many years and every year I’m blown away but the energy and connection¬†I feel between the women who attend and the women who support them from ‘fairy godmothers’ to parents and friends to school councillors and teachers. I LOVE that IgniteYYC is supporting this charity, and this event looks to be a great night!


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Alex Kingcott is the President of Shareworthy Content Lab. Shareworthy helps companies establish themselves as mini-media empires by creating online content and conversations that are credible, valuable and share-able. Follow @AlexKGT for more.