Event marketing: Three ways to use video

Event marketing: Three ways to use video

Another Calgary Expo is in the bag. As the dust settles, we’re enjoying looking back to analyze what worked and what we could do better. The element of our event marketing strategy I’m most excited about this year was the incorporation of video. Once again, we were lucky to partner with the fabulous Full Swing Productions. I’m obsessed with the amazing work they did to support Expo’s DYNAMITE social media team.

Here are three ways we won the video game, and a few of my favourite examples….

  1. Social-sized micro video ads

    Full Swing worked with us to create a suite of 12 super compelling video social media ads. They ran both organically and as commercials on FB, Twitter, and YouTube and attracted major engagement. After all: Expo IS coming…

2. Live stream video

 Live video streaming on social networks and on YouTube is hot right now. But obviously, we can’t film every amazing moment or there would be no reason to show up with a ticket! We selected key moments that were truly once in a lifetime (like William Shatner being presented with his Canada Post stamp) or free for all (like the POW! Parade of Wonders!) and captured major attention around the world.   

John Barrowman Expo PJ striptease! #calgaryexpo A video posted by Calgary Expo (@calgaryexpo) on


3. Live edited content

The work Full Swing did on the fly to not only capture content throughout the weekend but edit and publish it within hours is mind-boggling. Within four days, they were able to produce over a dozen videos, spreading the signal of Calgary Expo to millions around the world and capture more impressions than ever before. Coordination, skill and collaboration are key, but well worth the final product.


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