Brand & Promotion Consulting: Michael Bernard Fitzgerald’s #WAYTOOBIG #WAYTOOLOUD

#WAYTOOBIG #WAYTOOLOUD is a collaborative spectacle of sights and sounds performed by a group of touring and local performers who have only just met. It is a touring event that will hit four Canadian cities and incorporate over 500 performers on stage. It is a show featuring the music of Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, arranged by Grammy-nominated composer Amritha Vaz utilizing choirs, orchestras and bands – all rehearsing privately, to come together for one-night-only artistic collaboration. #WAYTOOBIG #WAYTOOLOUD is an electric, energy-laden evening, brought to the stage by an amazing group of people, surrounded by community and supported by local business. It is a show to attend – an event to be a part of.


November 26    Vancouver, Vogue Theatre

November 28    Calgary , Jubilee Auditorium

December 4    Edmonton, Myer Horowitz

December 9    Winnipeg, WECC