CRIME DOES NOT PAY received a world premiere in Calgary courtesy of Downstage, Forte Musical Theatre, and Hit & Myth Productions March 3, after a five year development process. It tells the bizarre but true story of 1940’s comic artist Bob Wood and his notoriously graphic graphic novel CRIME DOES NOT PAY. Pop culture historians will know the name of the book – it is credited as a major contributor to the installation of the Comic Book Code Authority and essentially industry-wide self-censorship.

Shareworthy came on board to support with PR & publicity for this production, and was given several objectives:

  • Achieve pre-opening press coverage from a variety of outlets/publications to raise awareness and drive ticket sales
  • To attract and organize reviewers from a variety of outlets/publications
  • To assist with connections to comic book conventions in the city
  • To raise the profile of Downstage’s accessibility initiatives

How did we do? Downstage’s Ellen Close says: “I was thrilled with Shareworthy’s work on publicity for our most recent production. Alex gave us a realistic picture of the media landscape then went ahead and exceeded our every expectation, garnering a level of coverage we’d never dreamed of. Her genuine enthusiasm for the unique elements of our work and insight into where those stories would resonate has proved invaluable – I can’t wait for our next collaboration!”

Our favourite coverage? Check out these articles from Metro and the Calgary Herald or watch an amazing preview from Global TV‘s Gil Tucker on the ‘comic consultant’ who lent his talents to the set design of the show. Finally, check out an amazing review from the Globe & Mail (written by Stephen Hunt) and CBC coverage of the ‘relaxed performance’ – an important new accessibility initiative from Downstage.

Downstage & Forte Musical Theatre

Created by Kris Demeanor & David Rhymer
March 2-11, 2017