Shareworthy’s Podcast Playlist for PR

Shareworthy’s Podcast Playlist for PR

What podcasts have kept you going in 2016? As Oscar season beings, I’m tuning in once again to Hollywood Reporters’ Awards Chatter and of course Theatre People and The Ensemblist give me my Broadway fix. But here are my recommendations for my fellow PR Pro’s for education, inspiration, conversation, and pop culture relevance. Share yours with me via Twitter (@AlexKGT) and let me know if you like these ones too. Let the podcast evangelism continue!


1. CBC Radio’s Under the Influence, with Terry O’Reilly

Marketing industry veteran Terry O’Reilly weekly tackles topics to educate and inspire anyone who’s every built or bought into a brand (ie: who are ‘Under the Influence‘). Terry has made me think┬áreconsider my write off of radio ads, inspired me to re-examine crisis communications strategies, and expand my appreciation of brands and industries I took for granted. This is a must do – incredibly well-researched with fabulous stories and real-life examples.


2. Show Your Work, from Lainey Gossip

No one wins an Oscar without a team of people putting in a lot of WORK. What is popular and who is winning things isn’t accidental or organic – it comes from WORK. This podcast with Lainey and Duana of Lainey Gossip (PHD’s in the study of ‘gossip’ and why it’s a vital component of culture) unpacks what we are not supposed to think about – the behind-the-scenes work by publicity strategists to make us feel, think, and act. It also celebrates the work we do to make it happen – we should be Showing Our Work proudly right? This podcast has made me question how I absorb news and and how I share it. It’ll also give you a regular dose of pop culture news to keep you up to date.

3. The West Wing Weekly

Straight up, you can learn a lot of what you need to know to have a career in PR from watching The West Wing. If you haven’t watched it yet, or if you’re hoping to brush up with a contemporary perspective, tune into the West Wing Weekly podcast hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway and Joshua Malina. The show takes a deep dive into the award-winning series by Aaron Sorkin that follows the communications staff of the Bartlet white house as they navigate two terms of political olympics. Hrishi and Josh take viewers through the nuts and bolts of the show, but also give it an update – how would these characters behave 10 years later, and how have the political storylines played out since the show aired?


4. Grammar Girl Podcast

Count on the Grammar Girl Podcast for short and sweet clips from a grammar expert to download on your phone and keep in your pocket. Listen whenever you’re waffling between ‘who’ and ‘whom’ (pick your poison – chances are she’s covered it) and keep them handy for rainy writing days.



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