Sharing our Work: 30/30 Campaign for HEARTS OUT, Youth Singers of Calgary

Sharing our Work: 30/30 Campaign for HEARTS OUT, Youth Singers of Calgary

The Youth Singers of Calgary celebrated a 30 year anniversary this year. In those 30 years they’ve impacted over 4,500 students, travelled to nearly every continent, and established themselves as the single most important organization in Calgary for youth arts education. And yet, they fly under the radar. Shareworthy worked with our friends at Boom Goes the Drum to strategize and produce a new annual fundraiser for YSC called HEARTS OUT this year. The 30/30 campaign and video project was designed to premiere at HEARTS OUT and be featured entertainment, but also to raise awareness of the organization in Calgary by making new friends. It is a piece of digital content we’re very proud of.

First, we engaged the HEARTS OUT committee and Boom Goes the Drum to dream up a wish list of participants. The final list of people included Top Chefs, actors, news anchors, athletes, bloggers, editors, and more. Working with video content rock starts at Full Swing Productions, we organized a week’s worth of rehearsals with Youth Singers and sent out the invites – 30 influencers would be ‘Honourary Youth Singers’ for the night. Their experience was much like every newbie’s at Youth Singers – they were greeted and introduced to a buddy who would stick by them for the night and jump right into rehearsals for an upcoming show/tour. They all enjoyed vocal and choreography rehearsals, and received a tour of the Performing Arts Youth Singers after receiving thanks (and roses) from their new fellow Youth Singers ensemble members.

When we were finally ready to engage them in the promotion of Hearts Out, we released a teaser video. The video went viral and inspired four pieces of media coverage (660 News, CBC Radio, Global News, CTV News).

Finally, the big night came and we released the full video to a room full of Youth Singers supporters, including many of our participants. It was then posted and shared with all of them to spread online through social media. The results? Tickets sold to Hearts Out, increased awareness and influence in the community, and several new registrations.

Thank you to all of the Calgarians who supported Youth Singers and HEARTS OUT by participating in the project, sharing the video, and using their roles in the media to spread the word. See, I told you you could all sing… 😉

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