Telling your story when your job is telling someone else’s story

Telling your story when your job is telling someone else’s story

For many professionals, doing a good job means going unnoticed – letting the work speak for itself and operate seamlessly as if they were never there. Such is often the case for Boom Goes the Drum, an award-winning event production company that dreams up elaborate event experiences for guests that allow them to tangibly engaged with brands like Holt Renfrew and Tim Hortons; when you don’t recognize you’re in a produced event you experience magic, and Boom has done their job.

That can sometimes present a challenge when it comes time to promote their work. Case studies, testimonials, and what Boom calls ‘Event in Review’ blogs only go so far – sometimes you have to tell your own story. For example: Boom produced an event for Beakerhead a few years ago called ‘The Periodic Table’ which involved erecting a ferris wheel in a field and creating a scientific dining experience – GREAT story for Beakerhead. The twist: it was the week of Calgary’s infamous ‘snowpocolpyse’ when we lost trees galore in a September snow dump – GREAT story for Boom (looking back anyway, maybe not so much in the moment). These are stories worth telling!

One way Shareworthy has helped Boom with this is through the Event in Review video series. Boom loves video, and their charming President is a wonderful storyteller with no time to sit down and write regularly during his busy schedule. These videos allow share perspective on the projects they produced that year. Plus, bonus: they can be valuable when applying for awards and RFP’ing for future work. I’m excited to share a few of my favourites with you, including some shot just a few weeks ago with our good friends at Full Swing Productions to celebrate Boom’s work in 2016.

A few tips for creating content that tells YOUR behind-the-scenes story:

  • Create relationships with your clients and set expectations early that you’d like to borrow event collateral and coverage for self-promotion.
  • Collect content as you go so you’ll have not only client material to use – focus on the work behind-the-scenes that their photographers or media may not see.
  • Save time and money by producing content in batches. For Boom, we reflect on the year’s past work and do one big shoot at the end of each year.

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