Tony Awards 2016: The Results

Tony Awards 2016: The Results

How did I do? 21/24 correct. That means I predicted more accurately that both of the reviewers from the New York Times. I’m waiting for my honorary Tony now, I’m sure it’ll be here any day now.

This may have been my favourite Tony’s yet. Strong performances all around, especially from the ladies, and a fast-paced entertaining program. More than that, it was a demonstration of the kind of support and diversity we can expect on Broadway. It was the more diverse group of nominees in history – for any awards show. There was also a powerful message of support ever-present for the victims of the shooting in Orlando.

James Corden spoke earlier in the week about how he wanted to create a show that would give LIFE to those kids watching in Ohio and Michigan and wherever – everyone on that stage was once that kid. Those kids definitely did get a show that proved to them they can live their dreams, but they also saw the diversity celebrated and recognized, and powerful people step up to state ‘love is love’ and ‘hate never wins’. So, yeah. Pretty successful year. Not to mention, the show experienced the highest viewership in 15 years.

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