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We create content and conversations that are credible, valuable and share-able.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Google wants to reward you for good behaviour: ‘owning’ high-value, high-quality content that people like and share with their friends on your website increases your value, and therefore positively impacts your search engine results. The proof will be on the page.

Brand Authority

Brand Authority

Your website should be a recognized authority on your company and your industry. We’ll identify what makes you different and show it to the world through content that establishes you as subject matter experts.  Trust us, the selling part is a lot easier if consumers know, like, trust your brand.

Consumer Feedback

Consumer Feedback

Your audience is telling you what they want. Knowing how they interact with your content makes it easier than ever to give it to them, and analytics are the way in. We’ll tell you what makes them click, read, share, and follow, and tweak our content strategy to serve them.

Increased Media Awareness

Increased Media Awareness

Building your ‘owned media empire’ often translates into an ‘earned media empire’. You’ll earn media coverage by demonstrating your value as an authentic authority for what you do. We’ll help you attract media coverage, and make sure you’re maximizing it to your advantage.

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Testimonials From Our Clients

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  • “Alex Kingcott is the best publicist I have ever worked with. Shareworthy was a terrific partner in bringing The Daisy Theatre to Calgary, and a major factor in the show’s success. I’d work with Shareworthy and Alex Kingcott again in a heartbeat.”

    – Ronnie Burkett

    Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes

  • “In my line of work, I come across many writers, editors, social media experts, copywriters and so forth. I’ve almost never had a good experience at the end. Either the writing was sloppy, or we missed deadlines, or the tone and language didn’t represent the brand at all, or we ran over budget.

    I recently hired Alex for a project, based on a recommendation from a trusted friend – and she delivered excellent work, on time, while matching our brand’s tone and personality. As a result, we noticed an improvement in time spent on site and an increase in conversions.

    She is like a content marketer’s secret weapon. Professional, personable and creative – a cut above the competition. I rarely write recommendations, but I’m happy to write this one. I would recommend her services without hesitation.”

    – Ernest Barbaric, Digital Marketer & Professional Speaker
    via LinkedIn


  • “Alex is an exceptional communicator and an intuitive, highly-skilled social media strategist. Her team is adept at making complex platforms accessible for everyone, generating content that goes beyond stereotypical demographics and making the execution part easy to handle. She’s plugged-in, engaged, inquisitive and so much fun to work with. Her feedback is direct, honest and constructive. I can’t wait to work with Shareworthy Content Labs on our next project.”

    – Communications Manager, Jill Petrovic, Alzheimer’s Society of Calgary

  • “Finally, after years of searching and trying to work with so called experts, Alex was able to quickly teach me what the point of marketing is, and the difference between marketing strategy and tactics. Her guidance on crafting a marketing strategy using content that fit my resources was simple, clear and by early indications, extremely effective. If you have the chance to work with Alex at Shareworthy Content Labs, I highly recommend you do so.”

    – Chris Popoff, Vita Fitness

  • “I love working with Shareworthy. I’m always thrilled to discuss branding with Alex.  She’s professional, inspired, enthusiastic, clever and sassy – which matches my work. Who better to help you interface with media and potential audiences than someone can be an extension of your brand?”

    – Rebecca Northan, Producer & Performer

  • “The strategic services of Shareworthy have become an invaluable addition to our project planning process, for both the needs of our clients and our business. We have found that having Shareworthy on our team will maximize our results, regardless of the size or scope of a project.”

    – Derek Macdonald, Founder & Producer, BOOMgoesthedrum

  • “The great thing about working with Alex Kingcott is that I always know what I’m getting myself into, even I don’t always know what’s in store. Working with her means that it will be professional, creative, organized, timely and, most importantly, fun.  She works hard to make sure that you have a story that is a good fit for the readers, you always leave with substance.  Media get invited to a lot of events, but I don’t think I’ve ever said “no” to working with Ms. Kingcott, she’s a consummate professional.”

    – Mike Morrison, MikesBloggityBlog, Canada’s Top Entertainment Blogger

  • “Shareworthy Contact Lab produces some of the strongest digital content we’ve ever encountered. These guys get it. We whole-heartedly recommend them to all of our clients interested in achieving real results in SEO.”

    – Calin Yablonski, President, Inbound Interactive

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